Sunday, June 25, 2017

Winter memories

In the last month we have been up early every single morning.  We have taken note of the sunrise, the frost and the occasional fog.

We have joined our local horse community in all the dust and grit of campdrafting and gymkhana events.

We have ambled along behind mobs of sheep at a pace just right for observing our world and discovering treasure, such as an emu nest.

We have eaten no nonsense food in the paddock, washed down with warm drinks while everyone takes a break from the sheep work.

I have picked green things from my garden and rescued chillies from frosted chilli bushes.

On the evening of the winter solstice, Annabelle skilfully manoeuvred a mob of sheep, all the while singing and talking to her horse while the final rays of light filtered through the dust.

After school George has cleaned troughs and worked alongside the men on his small motorbike.

We have laughed, cried, talked, planned and possibly had a few too many drinks with friends on Friday nights. 

Last Sunday we tragically lost a mate who will never get the chance to do any of these things again.  I have not mentioned this to ask for sympathy, quite the opposite.  I have written this post to remind myself that life is out there to be lived to the fullest.

Ride the horses, listen to the music, take the photos, keep in contact with your friends, make that wood stack, wear pretty things, renovate the caravan and share what you can with anyone who appreciates it.

Happy Sunday, friends x

Friday, June 9, 2017

Winter, taking stock

Winter has arrived with a sudden drop in temperatures, frosty mornings and a full program of farming, schooling and family commitments.  The days are short, the nights are long and quiet and it seems like a good time to take stock.  Thanks Pip.   

Making : endless meals
Cooking : sourdough pizza bases and old school crunchy chocolate slice

Drinking : tea, followed by one coffee at 9am and then back to tea
Reading: Frankie Spaces and I even found a very creative ex-Broken Hill local amongst the pages
Trawling: the second hand shops for cheap but sturdy timber chairs
Looking: at new beds
Deciding: on a new bed
Wishing: my little pear tree had produced more than one pear this year.  There is always next year. 

Enjoying: My Open Kitchen e-course  
Waiting: for the school holidays
Liking: the jars full of seeds I have collected from my garden

Wondering: how to make the most of the limited family time we currently have 
Loving: that my children already think like practical farmers
Pondering: launching back into selling my sourdough, one of these days
Listening: to my local ABC radio, always
Considering: where I might start with my caravan renovation
Buying: a beautiful set of old but perfect children’s alphabetical animal stamps
Watching: the frost quickly kill off my basil and zucchinis

Hoping: my daughter never loses her love of chasing cows and dogs and riding horses

Marvelling: at The Shady Farmer and his clever use of Instagram, amongst other things. I love this man
Cringing: at the news, it is a crazy, frightening world out there
Needing: more scissors, sticky tape and glue in the house, where does it all go?
Questioning: small people about the above
Smelling: quinces, so many quinces
Wearing: snow socks and many layers
Noticing: the bubbles in my sourdough starter

Thinking: about something sweet I can bake quickly, before the weekend
Admiring: all the warm things from Icebreaker
Getting: ready for visitors on the long weekend
Bookmarking: Australian made ceramics on Etsy, it is a slippery slope let me tell you
Opening: doors and windows briefly        
Closing: them again when the cold afternoon air moves in
Feeling: grateful for the opportunities that working with Graziher has presented 
Hearing: a small motorbike buzzing and the occasional dog barking
Celebrating: two special family birthdays in June, our boy George and my mum
Pretending: not to notice that my windows need cleaning
Embracing: my woolly scarves that I had almost forgotten about over the summer 

I hope this weekend you are lighting a fire in the paddock or reading something beautiful.

Happy Friday friends x