Sunday, March 12, 2017

Progress and patience

There have been so many ebbs and flows in the last week or two.  In amongst the whirl of it all I have noticed some things.

I have seen that my children are incredibly resilient, responsible and patient in those moments when it really counts.  This week they have supported and encouraged me when I absolutely needed it.   I just couldn’t ask for more.

I have realised that my husband, Terry and I have been married for seventeen years.  Lately, due to farming and business demands we have spent a lot of time apart.  Semi-single parenting and farming can be challenging and crazy at times but like all things, these days will pass.

Apparently autumn is here, but the days are still very hot and dry.  Parts of my garden are feeling the change in season while other parts are still in summer mode. 

I am faced with the eternal question, do I start to pull things out to make room for fresh organic matter and my winter crop or wait until everything has completely finished and collapsed.  Patience or progress?  

Cattle are amazing creatures but they can be hard to catch on camera.  I have been treating these sunset expeditions as mini creative challenges.  It just feels good to spend some time concentrating on the light, dust, animals, horizons and camera settings.

We have an actual, real holiday on the horizon.  Although I am trying not to get ahead of myself I am very excited about some travel, adventure and relaxation.

How is your Sunday looking?

What are you noticing in your world right now? 


  1. A holiday. How exciting!
    Here's to cooler days and moments of calm :) xx

  2. I favour the patient route - but that's partly because it's the easier option! Beautiful light in that last photo.
    Right now, I'm noticing that spring is almost here and the days are warmer and longer. Hurrah!
    Flinders Island looks fabulous; I'm not surprised that you're excited.

  3. A trip to Flinders Island sounds fabulous and really well deserved. Right now I am noticing the change in the air - it holds that touch of autumn frost

  4. You wouldn't know they're hard to catch on camera Jane because you've done it so well! I love that last photo.

    Family is so, SO important, and I don't think we really stop and realise it until it counts.

    Yay for a proper holiday! It sounds like you all need one xx

  5. I'm so pleased to read that you feel supported and encouraged by those you spend your life looking after, what a gift.
    And I'm thrilled to hear you guys are planning a holiday!! Sometimes all we need to get through the challenging times is a little something to look forward to. I hope you have a lovely week. xx

  6. Your sunlit photos are beautiful and always have me wanting to move back to the country - not so much the land - but definitely away from the pale blues and pastel pinks of salty coastal environs. I still have my RMs and may be, along with my partner, the only people wearing them on the NSW Central Coast. Ah, for those days when I was cruising around reporting for and editing the regional section of The Land newspaper. It feels a million years ago, it really does. As for the garden, this weekend, if the rain lets up (I know, not complaining) I'll be opting for progress.

  7. A holiday certainly gives you something to look forward to.
    Gorgeous photos! It sounds like things have been busy in your part of the world. It is always interesting how life goes through stages. Love the dust and cattle!

  8. There's nothing like time away, a proper holiday, to help you recalibrate. And it makes spending quality time with your loved ones even more precious if you haven't seen much of them for a while. Exciting! Your children sound like lovely beings, Jane; it seems to me that you're doing a great job. Sam x

  9. Flinders Island will be beautiful Jane, and hurray for looking forward to family, holiday time, down time...all the good bits time.
    I hear you on the semi single parenting thing, yep it's a slog. Coffee and wine help!

    Autumn light, that's what I'm noticing. Everywhere, and it's beautiful.

  10. Happy anniversary, Jane. Life has a way of getting so very busy, doesn't it. Loving your posts and instagram photos, as always xxx

  11. Hi Jane
    what is that beautiful tomato on the vine?
    Such a lovely shape and ccolour.


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