Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Taking stock

Here we are at the start of a new, fresh year.  I am not sure whether to think about the achievements of 2016 or focus on the goals for 2017 so perhaps taking stock is an easier way to get started. Thanks Pip

Making: nori rolls with leftover Christmas smoked salmon and avocado.

Cooking: smoko for hungry farming boys.

Drinking: too much of everything over the festive season. 

Reading: my favourite blogs that I have missed over the last week.

Trawling: through children’s clutter, determined to conquer it, at least for a little while. 

Wanting:a pair of shorts that are not too tight, too long, too baggy or too short.  The perfect shorts must be out there somewhere? 

Looking: at my tomatoes, several times a day. 

Deciding: how to make the most of these non-school days. 

Wishing: I had bought some new reading material last time I was in town. 

Enjoying: the lack of school routine.

Waiting:for the mail. 

Liking:long, dangly snake beans growing in the garden. 

Wondering: how best to manage the little projects that have evolved through my photos and social media connections. 

Loving: my family, even with our distance apart, idiosyncrasies and at times irregular communication. 

Pondering: a real holiday sometime this year. 

Listening: to the holiday programming on ABC radio, I love it every year.  

Considering: planting a second round of summer vegetables. 

Buying: a few staple clothing items which seem to be lacking from my wardrobe. 

Watching: a baby goat hop, skip, nibble and jump her way into our hearts. 

Hoping:our eldest is having fun on a mini solo holiday with my mum. 

Marvelling: at an understated but special piece of jewellery given to me by my husband. 

Cringing:at hot cross buns on the shelves alongside the Christmas bargains.  I know it has been well publicised already but consumer choice really has reached ridiculous levels. 

Needing:to get to bed earlier. 

Questioning: the unnecessary pressure I put on myself sometimes, particularly in regards to housework.  

Smelling:fresh basil and sage brought inside in a big bunch. 

Wearing:long sleeved shirts, wide brimmed hats and occasionally swimming gear.  

Noticing: how one afternoon we baked sourdough rolls, made zucchini pickles and slaughtered eight roosters, without any of it feeling like a big deal.  Real food, just saying. 

Knowing: that time spent in and around the cool, calming water in our dam is always time well spent. 

Thinking: about the wise words in this blog post

Admiring: pretty paper lanterns carefully carried all the way from Vietnam to outback NSW by my mum.

Getting: bottles of milk ready to feed Candy Cane the goat.  Candy for short. 

Disliking: lovely friends leaving our town permanently. This happens often unfortunately. Of course, I don’t actually dislike these friends, that’s not what I mean. 

Opening: cupboards that need sorting. 

Closing: the same cupboards in despair. 

Feeling: like January is so full of possibilities that I am not sure where to start. 

Hearing: big and small motorbikes coming and going from the sheds. 

Celebrating: the celebrations are over for now, time to wind it all up for a while. 

Pretending: To have it all together (aren’t we all?!) Copying Pip on this one. 

Embracing: the summer months at home. 

How about you?  

How is 2017 feeling so far? 


  1. I have things I want to change in 2017. Definitely decluttering my spare room and cupboards of stuff that has been stored away. If I havent needed it in the past 5 years, then I really don't need it, right?
    Health is my main priority - lose some weight, exercise more, get moving. My joints are so stiff!
    I love social media but I spend too much time sedentary reading it!
    So many things - better get out and do it!

    1. Yes to all of that Joolz! Thank you for calling in.

  2. I love the little glimspes of 'Taking Stock' Jane. What is it with shorts? I am hunting too...
    I have a feeling that 2017 is going to whizz by but I am determined that I will grasp some slow time or embrace some mindfullness or take stock a little more, whatever you want to call it. Happy New Year xx

    1. Let me know if you find the shorts Kate! Happy New Year, stay cool x

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  4. A good way to start the year! Where did Candy Cane appear from? Normally your photos of goats are of feral goats being rounded up.
    Wish I was sitting in that chair at your dam instead of being cold.
    Looking forward to watching your adventures in 2017.

    1. Thanks Anne. Candy Cane was an orphan after we rounded up a mob of feral goats. I look forward to your adventures in 2017 also, please keep blogging.

  5. Try Big W for your shorts, it's the ONLY place I can get comfortable shorts!
    I knew the Hot Cross Buns would be there on my next shop, and they were, but it didn't stop me from feeling like I wanted to squash every single one of them!...LOL...(I really am a pacifist, things like that just bring out the worst in me!)

    1. Thanks Cheryl. I am pleased you share my bun rage! It is a shame because I actually like them, as I am sure you probably do. Just not in January...

  6. ​All of your emotions ring a little bell with me- but especially the opening and closing of cupboards, and watching those tomatoes. Happy New Year Jane.
    From Francesca at Almost Italian.

    1. Thank you Francesca, watching tomatoes helps them to grow and ripen I am sure :)

  7. Yes to watching tomatoes and watching out for the perfect shorts, marvelling at the fact that your growing season is so much longer than ours in that you get to consider a second planting when we are only enjoying the beginnings of our first, hoping you guys have a wonderful, sweet and healthy 2017. xx

    1. So lovely to hear from you Kate xx

  8. Totally feeling you on the shorts! Just gave away my latest pair of denim short because they gave me an unbearable wedgie!

    1. So lovely to hear from you Desert Echo!

  9. I love this. Taking stock is so important. 2017 has just been a continuation so far. Doesnt yet feel like a new year. Good luck with clearing the kids clutter - kids mess seems to be self replicating and never ending
    Candy Cane is a good name for a goat :)

    1. Thank you, all the best for 2017!

  10. Visiting from A Coastal Plot. Lovely to see the other side of the world at this time of year. Beautiful photos, I'm especially liking the goat with tomatoes.

    1. So kind of you to call in CJ and thank you for visiting from A Coastal Plot!

  11. From A Coastal Plot me too. What a wonderful selection of photos on your blog. Delightful to savor a slice of life in your beautiful area.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you so much, Happy New Year!

  12. I came home from four days with family in Queensland and spied gorgeous red tomatoes on a plant I'd staked before we left. What I also spied were king parrots making very good use of the stakes to help themselves to the green tomatoes at the top of the bush. One step forward another back. Always the way in the garden. I'd decided on staking tomatoes this year because we've had bouts of heavy rain that have introduced disease and I wanted to give them a little more air. I rarely stake tomatoes, just throw a roll of fencing wire under them if they're heavy with fruit. I also pulled a zucchini. They simply rot in our sweaty coastal environs. I'm going to have one last throw of the dice with the zucchini in a new bed I've dug that's so dry and not mulched. I suspect the mulch might be the problem. Other than that, that's the only 'taking stock' I've done. We've launched into the second week of the year all bit awry and will be catching up all week. Oh well, that's life.


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