Sunday, October 2, 2016

Wool, water and wildflowers

Muddy roads, wet sheep and rained in shearers can cause some logistical challenges when is comes to the annual job of shearing our sheep.  Last month shearing was interrupted several times by rain but we got there in the end thanks to flexible staff and a good dose of patience and persistence by everyone involved.  

With paddocks full of green grass there has never been a better time to enjoy home grown, home slaughtered lamb. 

Looking around our property we now have full dams, a running creek and abundant wildflowers.  Such a dramatic contrast to what our landscape can look like at this time of the year.

On an afternoon walk we spotted this well camouflaged echidna looking for some dry ground.

About 40kms away the Menindee Lakes are bursting back into life with water flowing and wildflowers swaying in the surrounding sand hills.

In the vegetable garden there is asparagus, flowers, weeds and some spring vegetables slowly establishing themselves. 

School holidays mean that right now we have a bit more time to appreciate our surrounds, cook, garden, read and spend time with our horses.  Thank goodness for the holidays.

Are you into podcasts?  Or maybe just looking for some beautiful links and ideas? If so be sure to visit My Open Kitchen.  There is so much goodness here that I don't even know where to start.

Happy Sunday, friends x


  1. Such gorgeous photos Jane, and how lovely that you're gotten some much needed rain! I imagine the animals will be enjoying the grass over the coming weeks.

    Have a lovely long weekend,
    Sarah x

  2. Ahh rain,it's been dry here too Jane. Such lovely pics, it always feels like I'm stepping out into the country whenever I visit here. Really lovely.
    Podcasts...have I mentioned to you or on my blog Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales? Can't remember...but I've been doing the back log of them. So intelligent, so funny. Baking and books, what more could you want? :-)

    1. I would love you to do a podcast list on your blog Brydie...I am quite new to the podcast world. I do really love listening to them, it is like a tiny slice of time to absorb something meaningful and I find them very useful when I am doing those more mundane tasks x

  3. Always love a podcast suggestion. Look at that asparagus. I have only two crowns and they're not that established - having been dug up by a dog more times than I care to count. The dog now gone, they put put a few tentative shoots each year before they really get going. The bed also needs some serious weeding and love. Never enough time.

    1. Never enough time for gardening I agree Kate. Good luck with that asparagus. It was torture for those early years while I waited for it to become established but now it is so rewarding.

  4. It seems so strange to see your place so wet while we're so dry that we've delayed sowing the wheat. I've never got into podcasts - partly because some seem to go on for too long and I can't jump easily to the bits that interest me like I can a written post. Also our broadband is sooo slow that it can be very frustrating.
    Enjoy your school holidays - they're precious time.

    1. Podcasts are new to me Anne. I am having trouble finding many that keep me engaged from start to finish. I do find them very useful when I am doing those more mundane tasks around the place, cleaning our shearer's accommodation for example x

  5. so jealous of your beautiful lamb chops!


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