Thursday, July 21, 2016

Fire and Flour Day, 2016

If I look hard enough something special happens every single day.  But, last Saturday we hosted our fourth Fire and Flour Day and it really was an extraordinary day.    

Being our fourth gathering our number of guests had swollen and I really felt the need to change the setting.  I felt it was time to step away from our treasured wood oven and into the paddocks which surround us.  Our woolshed became the backdrop for a magical coffee van, a roaring fire and very long lunch table. 

We swapped time consuming sourdough loaves for quick but decadent deep fried zeppole and easy sourdough pita bread, all cooked expertly with coals and open fire by my talented and patient husband, Terry. 

Around twenty adults sat down at a very long lunch table in the paddock to feast on fire cooked home grown lamb ribs and lovingly made salads, vegetables and chunky dips.

The afternoon involved unforgettable affogatos, handmade Amaretti, sunshine, conversation and some hands on lamb sausage making. 

Before I knew it the children and our crafty friends had gathered underneath the olive trees and were happily creating God's Eyes using yarn and collected sticks.  Meanwhile Sophie drifted around the fire, dying pieces of silk and bundles of wool, using natural materials in big old pots. Below photo thanks to Kate from Kate Writes

Our customary swap table was once again abundant with craft, fruit, plants and preserves.  There was the atmosphere of a mini market in our woolshed, minus any sales pressure or plastic trinkets. 

As the sun gently set some of our friends drifted home while others stayed around the fire for a simple dinner. 

New friendships were formed, some blogging and Instagram friendships became real and once again older friendships were strengthened.  Various skills and pieces of knowledge were generously shared and celebrated.  

I read a lot about inspiring workshops, gatherings and markets that talented people are hosting closer to the city areas. It has now occurred to me that it is actually possible to create special events in our own backyard.  All it takes is a group of like-minded, energetic friends who are prepared to travel.  A magical coffee van that just appears in the paddock also certainly helps!  

Have you ever considered creating the sort of event you dream of attending?

If you feel like reminiscing I have blogged about our past days in 2013, 2014 and 2015.


  1. It certainly was extraordinary Jane, and so much fun!
    Kate xxx

    1. Thank you for your generous contributions and support Kate x

  2. I've been waiting for this post Jane. I relish them every year! Thank-you so much for sharing, it sounds amazing as always xx

  3. I've enjoyed watching your Fire and Flour Day develop each year - it looks fabulous Jane. Maybe you should have more than one a year as there seems real scope for developing this wonderful idea.

    1. Thank you Anne, I value your support! I am just not sure if I could manage more than one of these a year! We have certainly thought about modifying this event for other times of the year but it works so well in the winter time. x

  4. What an incredible event! So lovely of you to host such a warm and engaging community event. The place, people, food and activities. Just fabulous!

  5. what a wonderful community you have created, jane; everything looks special and thoughtful. and delicious!

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    1. Le your comments Katie.


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