Friday, February 12, 2016

Taking stock

My mind is a bit of a tangle right at the moment so I thought perhaps one of Pip's Taking Stock lists might be a good place to arrange my thoughts.  It is rather long, so no need to read every detail!

Making: lunches and snacks 

Cooking: salted maple honeycomb to put on top of some little cakes 

Drinking: water, iced coffee and white wine, all with plenty of ice cubes

Reading: school notes, so many of them

Wanting: this gorgeous hat 

Looking: at my dying lawn and wondering what to do with it

Playing: this video because Hermitude, Triple J and Adelaide seem like a great summer combination 

Deciding: to turn the dullest, most mundane moments into something positive

Wishing: for a proper, old fashioned soaking rain 

Enjoying: our outback world, even though it can be harsh at times 

Waiting: for the bus

Liking: Graziher magazine

Wondering: if we have made the right choices with schooling our children, always

Loving: my husband who rarely stops working to make our lives better

Pondering: how to put together a special vintage/recycled/reclaimed wedding gift 

Considering: a new Elk handbag

Buying: a new Elk handbag

Watching: for the pretty light

Hoping: for a fun weekend ahead 

Marvelling: at a talented Indian lady who is making a big batch of flat bread for me 

Cringing: at the harsh sun in the middle of the day, really it is best to avoid it if possible 

Needing: to eat more cucumbers from our abundant crop

Questioning: why my last few batches of sourdough have been too solid and far from my best baking 

Smelling: my children, especially their hair

Wearing: when I am home, long sleeved shirts, denim shorts and work boots

Following: too many people on Instagram, this website and Instagram is a favourite 

Noticing: how dust in the air always adds more interest to my photos

Knowing: that getting away from the house each day is the best way to revive our spirits 

Thinking: about a little tin hut we visited last month 

Admiring: our Annabelle for her resilience and ability to adapt and take on challenges 

Sorting: clothes, books, pieces of paper, lists, craft projects, cooking projects and Lego men

Getting: into a new school routine

Coveting: more cotton shirts in more pretty patterns 

Disliking: innocent photos of innocent children, partially dressed on social media.  Is it necessary I often wonder?  

Opening: my camera bag, constantly 

Giggling: at the things our George creates throughout the day with paper, string, Lego and everything in between

Feeling: tired and energetic and happy and worried and positive and everything in between

Snacking: Cruskits topped with hommus, cheese and spicy relish, almonds, dark chocolate 

Helping: with farm stuff when I can

Hearing: the hum of the air conditioner and the ABC on the radio 

You might feel like Taking Stock  also?

Happy Friday, friends x


  1. what a refreshing read Jane on a HOT afternoon.... maybe Autumn is not that far away after all! EWE BEAUTY

  2. Interesting tin hut - it looks like a bar in the middle of nowhere. Totally agree about the innocent photos. It amazes me that photographing school sports day and the like is banned and yet those same protected children are photographed half naked by their parents and plastered across social media.
    Keep eating those cucumbers!

    1. Exactly Anne, very perceptive of you! Years ago this little hut was purpose built in the middle of a sheep property for a Slim Dusty concert. Not sure if you are familiar with Slim Dusty but he was an iconic Australian country music singer who is sadly no longer with us. This hut was the bar for the audience at the concert and it has seen many parties ever since, I believe. The cucumbers are done...the heat has almost melted them off the vine x

  3. The honeycomb looks scrumptious; I'll have to make this for the kids! I know what you mean, I get an uncomfortable feeling when I see those kinds of pics of kids; It's not necessary. I do hope you get that good soaking. I've enjoyed this whole post with Hermitude's Buzz. Thank you. Love that song.

    1. Thanks Zena, so glad to have found another Hermitude fan out there in blog world x

  4. I always enjoy these posts and don't find them boring at all - I do read every detail! :-) My thoughts have been a bit jumbled lately too, perhaps Taking Stock is the answer?
    Hurray for air conditioning! And I hope you get that good rain. We need more too but it's been so cool and Autumnal the last few days I'm a little worried about the wet season :-)

    Hope you have a good weeekend,
    Sarah x

    1. Thanks for continuing to read Sarah and leave such thoughtful comments Sarah x

  5. I love it when you take stock Jane...the school notes should ease up after the first few weeks. There always seems like a lot to keep on top of though!

  6. I second "wishing", with the addition of "on a regular basis".
    and hommous on cruskits sounds amazingly crunchy! I have recently discovered fruit toast ... with either peanut or almond butter. yum!

  7. That mid day sun is brutal. Years ago my brother needed to come up with a design for uni, being the helpful sister that I am, I came up with the single persons own personal canopy, (for walking around with of course). Still makes me laugh, but damn it, it would be practical.

    1. Sounds like a good design to me Brydie!

  8. Lovely post - what a great idea.
    I hope you get some rain.
    I hope we do too.

    1. Thanks Amanda, lovely to hear from you

  9. Loved this post! Hopefully you´ll get some rain soon. :) Here in Finland it is really snowy!!

    Have a great week! Iris x


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