Friday, February 20, 2015

Taking stock and blogging with Pip

I am currently in the middle of Pip's Blog with Pip e-course.  I committed to this because it looked like fun, for me it was affordable, I wanted to fine tune my blog a little and hopefully find some creativity in the process.

So far it has met all of my expectations.  It is fun, easy to access, flexible and absolutely loaded with useful blogging information whether you are new to blogging or you have been in the blogging world for years.  

One of our assignments has been to complete a Taking Stock list, which Pip sometimes posts on her blog.  Pip also includes a blank list so other bloggers can join in the fun.  So, here goes. 

Making : yoghurt and iced coffee
Cooking : lamb and easy, hot weather friendly food
Drinking : a cold beer at the end of the day
Reading: The Wife Drought by Annabel Crabb
Wanting: a trip to the local tip shop, I just can’t seem to squeeze it in at the moment
Looking: at my summer vegetables starting to crinkle and fade in the heat
Playing: Blue King BrownEric ChurchAllday
Deciding: on what to wear to a special family wedding
Wishing: for more patience, especially at the end of a long day
Enjoying: having a few more people at our place for meals and easy get-togethers
Waiting: for autumn
Liking: experimental tomatoes dried in the wood oven
Wondering: are flat shoes too casual to wear to a formal wedding?
Loving: the loyalty already shown by our new puppy, Pirate
Pondering: the constant juggle of life
Considering: ditching Twitter and switching to Instagram or perhaps not bothering with any of it
Watching: our house dam dry up, for the first time in many years  

Hoping: for rain over our house dam
Marvelling: how just occasionally I can take a photo and in that split second capture so much understanding and connection between friends.  Just occasionally this happens. 
Needing: to get to bed earlier
Smelling: home grown rock melons
Wearing: long sleeved shirts
Following: too many blogs, but I love them
Noticing: the mornings getting darker
Knowing: I haven’t baked bread in over a week and I am missing it
Thinking: about my autumn vegetable seeds
Admiring: my cousin Jessie, a generous and kind young women who sees good in everyone and makes fun of every situation
Sorting: Lego, constantly
Buying: sausages, for the first time in ages.  We need to make some more when the weather cools off
Getting: ready for a day in town
Bookmarking: so many useful blogging, writing and photography links that Pip has provided us with.  There is so much information I could read it for weeks.  
Disliking: bugs, flies and moths invading the house at night
Opening: online shopping parcels
Giggling: at how much my kids love the Footrot Flats movie and cartoon books
Feeling: confident and strong sometimes, anxious and weary sometimes
Snacking: Cruskits with cheese and tomato chutney
Coveting: new sunglasses, aviators  or something more like this?  All so beautiful and also rather pricey
Helping: my children negotiate distance education
Hearing: my coffee machine clunking and hissing, every single morning at nine o’clock.  I can tell you, distance education just wouldn't happen without that machine 

If you happen to still be reading, thanks for hanging in there! 

I encourage you to have a go at this list if you feel like it.  I found it fun but also tricky in parts.  

Happy Friday friends.  


  1. I just want to say I am glad you are still writing your blog Jane.
    I started a new job in Feb and at the moment I am just to pooped to write my own. I really want to get back in the swing of things, but...
    What blogs do you follow? Nearly all the blogs I loved reading (some of them very, very much) have dropped off the radar :(

    p.s. Pirate is very cute

    1. I love hearing from you Kylie. I love it when you blog too! I hope the new job is a good one. A lot of my favourite blogs have dropped off too, when I think about it.

      Hung Up On Retro for instance, I adore Donna and her photos and words. Some of my faves are Fox's Lane, Hugo and Elsa, Local is Lovely, Life in Mud Splattered Boots, Fig Jam and Lime Cordial and of course Meet Me at Mikes. A lot of these are food/farming/cooking blogs.

      Looking forward to some more modernist concrete and humour from your blog soon x

  2. An interesting list. We're enjoying longer days, looking forward to spring and walking through wet fields! Always love the opposite bits of our lives.

    1. Thanks Anne,I love hearing from your side of the world.

  3. What a wonderful list. I found myself agreeing with so many.. like waiting for Autumn, the rain, thinking about vegie seeds and our tip shop expedition.
    I'm with Kylie, lots of my favourite bloggers don't blog anymore. I still have some favourites though still going strong, yours included.

    1. Thanks Zara! I always enjoy your blog find the BEST stuff! x

  4. Wow, look at those beautiful tomatoes! Lovely images as always Jane, I especially love the first one, it's just so beautiful.
    I've done this list before and found it fun but in some parts tricky too, I really ought to do it again.

    I ditched Twitter ages ago, actually that reminds me I need to go in and delete my account. I know some people enjoy it but I've never been able to grasp the point of it. I enjoy Instagram though, it's really only the social media platform I actually like and is the one I use the most.

    Sarah x

    1. Thanks Sarah, a lot of people are encouraging me towards Instagram! x

  5. Great photos & post. Gorgeous pup and hope you are blessed with rain to fill your house dam!

    1. Thanks Jenny, nice to hear from you!

  6. I love these lists Jane! I must give it a go... beautiful photos as usual. I love the muddy puppy :)

    1. Thanks Kate, the muddy puppy is leading a very privileged life at the moment! x

  7. Thinking: flat shoes are ok for EVERYTHING! I can't even imagine having to perch in high ones these days, but then again, I'm a lot older and so I have an excuse.....:) Loving this Jane x

    1. Yes to the flat shoes matter what I age I say!

  8. Great pics as usual Jane. The new layout looks great. I popped on over the Meet me at Mikes - I'm very interested in the e-course. Fingers crossed there may be another starting soon :)

    1. Thanks so much Julie...I think you would enjoy this course! It really is fun and nothing like the school I remember :)

  9. Oh, that pup! So cute! I'll have to give these lists a try one of these days!

  10. Jane....(whispering here) Inssstttaaaagrrrraaam. Do it. I want to see you there lady. It's similar people and like micro blogging :-)
    The Pip's course is great isn't it. I did the very first one she did back in Nov 2013. Got so much out of it.
    Love your pictures from this post. That muddy dog belongs on a card.

    1. The Instagram day is getting closer Brydie :) Thanks for calling in x

  11. Love the new blog header pic, love all the pics - especially the dog cooling in the mud! And love the list. I may try it (perhaps in private - wonder if my life is exciting enough...)

    1. Thanks e, that header is causing me some stress...back to blog school! Please try the list, it is fun and trust life is not particularly exciting :)

  12. Dearest Jane, how I love your blog & what a lovely post. Firstly you must be the most calm & patient person there is, I can't imagine you needing more patience! Secondly who could not admire the ever beautiful Jessie, so wise beyond her years yet still full of so much youthful fun & enthusiasm. I'm so pleased you keep writing your blog Jane, it is so inspiring to read & I look forward to each & every post. Another vote for Instagram!! Get on board, it's great! I only keep Facebook for the connections, so many people from so far away are only a click of a button & a message away, that is priceless, however it is full of so much rubbish in the everyday use sense. Instagram I love though, I always find it enjoyable to look through gorgeous images, one of the blogs you love, local is lovely, her Instagram feed is beautiful! All the best Jane, sending prayers for rain over your house tank your way. Love Justine Wilson xx

    1. Dearest Justine, your comment almost made me cry and it also made me realise I miss you! I have sent you a private message. Please call in again when you can xx

  13. oh I just discovered your blog from following a comment and so glad I did! I might have to look further into pips blog - that list sounds like a great exercise.

    1. Thank you, lovely of you to call in!

  14. I love the new you and love the dog! Oh my - hard life!
    Jane, I was very tempted to go and answer the questions myself but honestly, my answers would be very much repeating yours. This Pip's e-course sounds very inspiring!
    But most of all - love your new changes. It feels like a new dress on a Sunday afternoon! :)

  15. Love these taking stock lists Jane, makes you realise how full and beautiful your life is. I would love to see you on instagram too!


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