Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lately in the garden

With spring in the air I thought it was time for a garden update.  I always have plans to keep each bed orderly but somehow I end up poking vegetables in wherever there is space which means there is a bit of everything everywhere.

Our outdoor bath.  On a warm evening this is a beautiful thing.  The kids can relax and get clean while I enjoy a few moments in the garden within sight of the bath.

I am filled with joy whenever the kids collect a bowl of goodies like this one.  A few wonky carrots, a tiny flower, some juicy strawberries, greens and a fresh egg.  Almost enough ingredients to make a simple meal.

Coriander seed that we have picked and are now drying.  I love to use this seed in cooking, it might also make a nice gift when it is dried.

A teeny, tiny, fury quince just formed on a tree I planted last year.

Asparagus poking through the mulch.  I am patiently waiting the recommended 2 years before I start to harvest my crop which is taking a lot of will power.  

Pretty sage flowers.

Our olive trees have burst into flower.  At the moment we are looking at a bumper crop, is anyone interested in a few days of olive picking in return for olives or oil?  It could be a big job!

Garlic looking healthy and getting close to harvest.  I cannot wait to celebrate with a loaf of garlic sourdough.

A bucket of well worn brick laying tools.  Construction of our outdoor wood oven has commenced.  We have dreamed of this day for a long time and now the perfect person for the job has come into our lives.  I am planning a big pizza and bread making session already.

What is happening in your garden?
What are you growing or making?
Do you grow asparagus and how long have you waited before you harvest it?


  1. Wow, your garden looks fantastic - really healthy and so encouraging! Love the idea of an outdoor bath, there is nothing more therapeutic than a few minutes of pottering in the garden, talking to the plants, at the end of the day. I wish my Garlic looked that healthy, it's in pots this year and has been completely beset by some sort of black aphid. It's alive, but it's not as lush as yours is!

  2. Look at all those yummy things you're growing. My single olive tree has burst into bud too and I can see the tiny little olives just starting to grow. This will be our first harvest.

    I thought my asparagus lost. This is its first year and not a lot is happening a few stems have come up, but considering I thought it was a goner, I'm pretty chuffed.

    Plenty of greens, garlic that was a stab in the dark and attempt to grow what I am told has become a local variety... who knows - it certainly doesn't look as lush as yours and I think I'll try Diggers stock next year.

    Beans, corn and herbs all up and looking good. The last of the broad beans is to be smashed up for lunch this weekend. Delish.

  3. Your garlic looks amazing. You must have good dirt there!

  4. Crikey! That's what you call a vegie patch Jane.
    Beautiful (orderly schmorderly!)
    The good life, that's what I call yours.
    That outdoor bath, heaven.

  5. I love your outdoor bath - so Drover's Run! Your garden is AMAZING! I'm going to have google growing Asparagus now as it seems so complex. I'll come pick the olives...what fun!

  6. Oh Jane, you have inspired me to find another drinking trough for the cattle so that I can commandeer the bath they are using for myself and our grand daughter when she comes to visit! Your garden is a delight.

  7. What a wonderful garden Jane, and an outdoor bath to boot: perfect in this weather! I dream of having a patch of turf big enough to grow some of those wondrous veg. We're sort of house hunting at the moment so I'll be factoring that in! Enjoy your lovely produce and hope you get to eat your asparagus soon:)

  8. That's a fantastic garden, I love the old bath tub! A pizza and bread oven is a dream, I can't wait to see it.

  9. Hi Jane, I'm the lucky co-recipient of Celia's recent chocolate bounty Nd have been following your blog via Fig Jam. Your garden looks wonderful and I'm envious of that outdoor tub. I'd love to come out and pick olives but you're just a little too far away from me in SE Qld. I'm looking forward to hearing about your pizza oven - it's on my dream list.

  10. Bunnies are happening in my garden - by the dozen! I don't love them, but don't know what to do about the little buggers. I love your outdoor bath to bits - maybe I could get one and drown the little sods.

  11. Beautiful post! Love the idea of the outdoor bath, it must be really handy in summer! Your garden is gorgeous and has me kinda jealous :D
    Take care! xox

  12. Oh my, you are growing asparagus! How wonderful.... I will be watching with interest, Jane. Looking forward to meeting you very soon xox

  13. your garden beds look so wonderful and orderly -it must be a real joy to work in them.
    i have aspargaus somewhere - you have just reminded me! i've had it for three years and it's never done anything.
    can't wait to see your pizza oven take shape.

  14. An outdoor bath, pizza oven and sunshine. I'm so jealous.
    In year 2 of our asparagus we had two cuttings of just a few of the strongest spears and the next year cut only for a short while. Have you planted yours in ridges? When our asparagus turns yellow in the autumn we cut it right back and build up the ridge over the plants.

  15. Hi Jane, it was great meeting you on the weekend. Your garden looks fabulous and I adore the outdoor bath. What a great picture! your blog is beautiful I have really enjoyed having a read.


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