Friday, September 14, 2012

Blossom and baby birds

Spring is in the air along with plenty of wind and a little dust at our place.  

We recently discovered a baby wedge-tailed eagle peeking out from the comfort of this enormous nest.  It sat quietly as we carefully investigated all the interesting bits and pieces that had fallen from the nest.

Little flowers picked by my children.

Baby roosters enjoying the sunshine.

Tiny tomatoes raised from seed finally emerging into the sunlight.  

My boy ripping snow peas straight off the vine with his teeth, cave man style.  Table manners are disregarded in the veggie garden I guess!

Treasure collected on a Sunday morning walk.

The tail end of our winter vegetables.

Pink blossom and afternoon sunlight outside my kitchen window.  

I hope you are enjoying spring.
Have you found any treasure?
Are you loving the blossom?  


  1. As soon as I get some peas on my balcony THAT is how I'm going to harvest them. Love it!

  2. Well done G! Best way to deal with snow peas. I love your blossom picture Jane. Blossom never fails to make me happy.

  3. i just love the eagles nest jane and for that matter all the other things you've's very wintery here in melbourne today even though it was in the mid 20s earlier in the week..but spring is certainly here with the trees coming into leaf and blossom and birds hastily making nests in readiness for their chicks..

  4. Lovely pictures, those blossoms are so pretty. At our last home, we had a pair of Wedge-Tailed Eagles that used to nest in the paddock. We never saw their nest, but used to see them out with their fledglings, teaching them to hunt. Those birds are just so graceful, I love watching them -- as long as they stay away from the chickens! :D

    Looks like you found some great treasures. Love the pic of your little boy - very cute!
    Sarah xo

  5. Jane, such a beautiful post with the promise of spring.

  6. I'm fascinated with birds nests and on walks I often look skyward in search of nests.
    The blossom is stunning at the moment.

  7. This is a wonderful collection of images, the gathering of flowers on the table is my favorite :) Fall is ramping up here... finishing up our tomatoes and making room for squash!

  8. Your cauli and brocolli look as good as your bunch of real flowers :-)

  9. Such a beautiful post Jane - gorgeous photos. I absolutely adore spring, your cherry blossoms are so delicate and beautiful, great pic of your little 'caveman'! ; )

  10. My girls fight over the best snowpeas. Not a kodak moment. I guess it means I need to plant more peas... love your photos. Spring is so exciting!

  11. You are so lucky to have a wedge-tail living at your place!!!
    Your spring pics are gorgeous.
    We're enjoying the warmer days over here too - but could do with rain, and lots of it!

  12. Ooh yes am definitely enjoying spring! the milder seasons are my favourites. I adore the photo of your son eating the snow peas, such a wonderful moment captured!

  13. What an incredible looking eagles nest - I remember seeing these when I live in the North West of WA. We found a treasure a few weeks back - also a small birds nest.

  14. Spring looks beautiful in your part of the world... and I completely agree that table manners do not count in the garden, there is nothing nicer than eating fruit and veg straight from the vine/bush :)

  15. That eagles nest is amazing, and so awesome to have found.

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