Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A bush picnic and a birthday

Our eldest has just turned 6. 

Annabelle is:

Surprisingly courageous and tough at times. 
Rarely silent or still.
A natural and instinctive gardener.
Someone who finds good in almost everyone and everything.
A collector of old sheep ear tags and millions of bits of paper.
An animal lover.
An adventurous eater but always saves her favourite bits until the end.
Proud to have just learnt how to zest a lemon.

We are not really into birthday party extravaganzas.  On Sunday we met our neighbours in the shade near one of our dams.  We shared a cake covered in fresh flowers, some home made bread, hummus and a cheese platter.

The kids caught some yabbies, collected sticks for the fire and pretended to be lions and tigers.  The adults enjoyed the sunshine, easy conversation and a cold beer.

As with most good birthday parties there were a few tears towards the end.

Happy Birthday Annabelle, life would be empty without you x


  1. Sweet! Happy birthday Annabelle. She looks so much like you Jane!

  2. Happy birthday Annabelle! I remember you when you were a little bitty baby - you're such a grown up now! I always save my favourite foods to the end of the meal too *snap*!

  3. Happy 6th Birthday Annabelle. I love your flowery cake! What a perfect day for a paddock picnic xxx

  4. Happy birthday to your Annabelle, Jane (gosh she looks like her Mum doesn't she!)
    I love her little smock and her birthday party sounds like the perfect way to celebrate her special day. She sounds like a great kid and I think it's fantastic you can zest lemons Annabelle x

  5. Happy Birthday, Annabelle. What a special little girl you are. Wow, you can zest a lemon! I'm not sure I can even do that very well.


  6. Happy Birthday Annabelle xx What a lovely way to spend the day, she is looking more like you everyday Jane :)

  7. A very happy birthday to miss Annabelle! She is very cute, Jane, and sounds like you are a wonderful Mum <3
    Her cake is very pretty and lucky her for having hummus - one of my favourite things!
    Sarah xoxo

  8. Happy birthday Annabelle! What a spectacular way to celebrate!!

  9. what wonderful beitthday celebrations! happy birthday annabelle and may you have many years of lemon zesting ahead of you!

  10. Happy birthday to Annabelle! What a gorgeous girl and a wonderful celebration.

    xo Lilly

  11. Happy birthday little one! What a family of cuties and such a lovely birthday celebration.

  12. So sweet Jane. What a lovely way to celebrate Annabelle's birthday.

    PS I have loads of sheep ear tags in my garden from all the manure I use - mmmm I should start collecting them too

  13. hi Jane
    I have nominated your blog for "the One Lovely Blog Award". Please visit for more info.
    g'day and shalom


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