Friday, August 24, 2012

A Sunday in Mildura

As a family we recently spent a few days in Mildura mixing a little farm business with a special birthday party and of course, good food.  We dedicated Sunday to some family time.  

There were plenty of sunny Sunday morning vibes over breakfast at Stefano's Cafe Bakery Warm hospitality, delicious coffee and food, a colourful art exhibition and amazing bread to take home...what more could you ask for?

The rest of the morning drifted by in my grandparents' garden playing and chatting in the sunshine.  Both my grandparents are in their 80's and they have the most inspiring garden.  It is full of interesting objects and plants collected over a lifetime.  Every little piece has a story and it is a perfect place for children to hunt for treasure!

Glorious afternoon sunshine and bare grapevines on the verandah of the historic Grand Hotel

A trip to Mildura is not complete without dinner at the Pizza Cafe.  

Who can resist a roadside stall, complete with honesty box?  Not me!  A bag of avocados and a bag of blood oranges all for less than $10.00 put a smile on my face.

Thanks Mildura,  we will be back again soon.
Do you have a favourite foodie destination?
Do you have old favourites you always go back to?

Please visit Monika's blog for my Blood Orange Tart recipe.  Thank you Monika for hosting my guest post on your lovely blog. 

*I do not have an affiliation with any of the businesses mentioned, we are just happy customers!  My family does however have a long history of staying at the Grand Hotel.


  1. Awww, I LOVE Mildura. I remember going there for frenzied shopping & eating weekends when I lived in BH. I loved the Indian place on the main street (is it still there)?

  2. Lovely pictures and Mildura looks like a very nice place.
    Those blood oranges in the last photo look familiar! :)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful visit, of course I have no idea where Mildura is (sad I know- but geography is not a strength of mine!). I love the image with the stawberries and the honeycomb at the top of your site- gorgeous.

  4. I love spending time in Granny and Pop's garden too. So many little hidden treasures. Love the new look Jane!

  5. We spent a little time in Mildura - particularly liked the Art Vault - and now I can see there was loads more to do that we never found. What treasures in the garden too.
    Love the new header.

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I like all the artwork at Stefano's which has been blu-tacked to the wall.. :)

  7. Love the little snippets of your grandparents garden Jane.

  8. It feels like forever since I popped over for a visit Jane!!! I love the new look and your trip to Mildura sounds heavenly..

    Jodie :)

  9. I'd love to take a wander in your grandparents garden. Looks like my kinda place!

    rachel xo

  10. Love the new look of your blog <3
    This post has made me hungry for pancakes and pizza...might have to get cooking! As always I loved reading, keep up the great work!
    Sarah xx

  11. Hello new blog banner! Very spring-y. That hotel's outdoor area looks lovely. Thank you for the cooking blog recommendation. I have heard of Scandi often but have never followed it. I've traditionally stuck to cooking books, but I'd like to find a couple of good cooking blogs to follow - I have subscribed! Thank you and happy new week!

  12. sounds like a great trip jane with all the good, food and your new honey and strawberry banner..x

  13. This looks like the perfect day to me! I have never been to Mildura but it looks lovely. And your gardparents garden is wonderful!

    Katie x

  14. Great photos and story Jane. Grandma and Pop's garden looks like paradise!
    Only been to Mildura once for an overnight stop during our "around Australia trip" 10 yeasr ago. I will have to return some day!
    Stanthorpe is one of my fave foodie destinations. I blogged about our recent-ish visit:

  15. Jane, I love the photos of your grandparents' garden, those little special treasures look like they have been collected over many years. My first baby was born in Broken Hill over 18 years ago. We lived for two years in a little 100 year old miner's cottage with the most wonderful peach tree in the backyard. We loved Broken Hill, perfect winters, but not such pleasant summers. Our solution was to move to Tasmania, which solved the summer problem. Still miss those BH winters though...

  16. i love the flowers and those thick pancakes. yum. I also love the light in your photos, jane - so completely different to ours here in hobart. Ours has been very cold and blue this winter. Your photos always warm me up.


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