Friday, July 6, 2012

Camp oven cooking for the RFDS

On our property it is very unusual for us to see thirty cyclists clad in lycra peddling up the dirt road and past our woolshed.  However, on Sunday this is exactly what happened.

The Silver City Bush Treadlers are currently on their way to Innaminka via Birdsville, raising money for the The Royal Flying Doctor Service.  Our shearer’s quarters provided their first overnight camping spot after they started their journey in Broken Hill.  With a helping hand from my family (thanks Mum and Feres) Terry and I catered for their dinner and breakfast.  

A cold day and seventy kilometres on a bike meant that everyone had a well earned appetite when they rode in.  After the riders took hot showers we served pumpkin soup and bread rolls around the fire bucket.

The small crowd were fascinated with the camp oven cooking. As the afternoon progressed the audience grew around the fire, watching Terry as he cooked roast lamb, vegetables and bread with the hot coals.

In the early hours of Monday morning we prepared a fully cooked breakfast.  As the sun rose the riders emerged from their tents ready to fuel themselves for another day of riding on the dirt roads.

By 8am breakfast was over, lunches were made, tents were packed up and our daughter Annabelle (5) led the riders away from the camp on her little bike.  This was a very exciting moment for her!

Good luck to the Silver City Bush Treadlers for the rest of your trip, you are an inspiration to all of us.  I can only imagine this trip is an enormous physical and mental challenge but it is for such a worthy cause.  Meeting and cooking for this diverse and interesting group of people is something we will be talking about for years to come.  


  1. jane, that's a huge undertaking for you and your husband and very generous as well..but it sounds absolutely amazing..your daughter must have loved to do a 'cadel' and lead the cyclists away from the farm and on to their huge journey..

    i wish them all a safe and happy trip..x

  2. Wow - that looks like such fun (the eating by the campfire bit, not the super long bike ride bit). Good on these people supporting the RFDS...I needed the RFDS when I lived in Broken Hill...without them it would've been a VERY long trip to Adelaide.

  3. Awesome! Wish I was one of those bike riders enjoying all that delicious food! Not sure about the dirt roads though.

  4. That's incredible- so cool! I am also fascinated by the campfire cooking. I have the worst luck cooking on an open fire so I love how easy you make it look.

  5. You certainly put together a great spread for thr riders. ANn for such an amazing cause.

  6. What a warm and generous show of hospitality Jane! I bet those cyclists are still dreaming of your food, it looks so delicious and nourishing. I felt a little teary seeing that pic of Annabelle, you must have been very proud.

  7. Perhaps Terry should do a camp oven cooking tutorial - the food looks delicious. It's an amazing cycle ride they're doing and good fun I'm sure for Annabelle to lead them off.

  8. wow! that cook up looks amazing. way to go!

    rachel xo

  9. Awesome, Jane! I wish we lived closer xox

  10. Hey Jane,
    I work for the RFDS and was just checking on the Trekkers progress when I came across your blog. Nice to see a Scotchy face! Am going to post a link to this on our RFDS facebook page and twitter.
    Hope life is looks like its delicious!
    Best Wishes,
    Rachel Fyfe x

    1. Excellent Rachel, good to hear from you :)


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