Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sunday at our fire

Lighting our camp fire and cooking dinner in the camp ovens is becoming a winter Sunday ritual at our place.

A spontaneous arrangement in the sunshine and some fun on the old bike while dinner was cooking.

Lamb chops and corn for the kids, lamb shoulder and vegetables for us.

The sun setting behind our wood pile.

On Monday with the fire still warm we toasted camp oven bread for afternoon tea and enjoyed the last little bit of heat...until next Sunday I hope.  Life seems better after we have all sat and cooked around the fire.

Do you have any winter rituals?  


  1. Love the look of your roast Jane. Yum! Sunday is our 'food day' with an ever changing menu but always something worth waiting for.

  2. Awesome! I can feel the warmth and smell the smoke. Peter and I tend to hibernate.... and even indulge in the occasional pyjama day! Cooking, eating, staying warm.

  3. That looks so much fun and the lamb looks delicious. What is a camp oven?

    1. You can see the camp oven in the top photo - a big cast iron pot that goes straight onto the firepit and everything tastes 110% better when it's cooked in a camp oven.!

  4. what a great and special ritual..your children must love it..and i bet mum and dad do too!

    my only winter ritual is my open fire that i like to light every night but i haven't managed to source any wood look like you have quite a bit there..maybe i could pop over to bh for a boot load.. :)

  5. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday evening.
    And camp oven bread..yumm.

  6. Love the sunset over the logs! and lamb chops (which I can eat at the moment thankfully!). But that fire has me dreaming of toasting marshmallows - agh must stop thinking about food that I can't eat again yet! What a lovely family ritual you've started.

  7. I love that idea Jane! Everything tastes so much better cooked in a camp oven, doesn't it.
    I do enjoy our firewood gathering ritual - the whole family gets involved, neighbours too. Very satisfying feeling to restock the woodpile!

  8. Wow, this looks like a delicious and magical ritual! We usually hunker down on Sunday nights with a homecooked meal, often a glass of red and the heater but I'm thinking camping might have to be in our future after reading this post - very inspiring! Thanks too for your lovely comment on my post:)

  9. Gosh that looks heavenly! We have a candle lit dinner, every night in winter, its so relaxing as night falls x

  10. Your campfire bread is my favorite thing ever! Looks like so much fun.

  11. camp ovens here too Jane but only once a month when Ben is home on his days off! Kids love it :) We usually do Saturdays though as he goes back to work on Monday, usually snags on the bbq on Sunday for lunch though. x

  12. What a perfect Sunday Jane. You are so lucky to live away from the crazy hustle & bustle of the big smoke.

  13. This looks and sounds so wonderful! What a wonderful ritual.

    Katie x

  14. These are memories your children will keep forever, Jane. xx

  15. What a truly superb ritual! I think I might encourage my little family to do the same!

    At this stage we spend sundays pottering about the house and working in the garden

    xo em

    p.s loving your blog. Lovely photography.


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