Sunday, June 24, 2012

Family treasure

My family are all keen collectors of various old bits and pieces.  Over the years I have been fortunate to be given some of this treasure, perhaps because people recognise my fascination with these links to our past.

Today I have decided to share a few recent additions to my collection.  Some of these items have incredible sentimental value; others are just old and interesting. 

This beautiful sheet music has been in the care of my maternal grandmother for many years.  It is part of a larger collection that originally belonged to my great-grandmother.  She had this music when she boarded at a convent in Wentworth, NSW, sometime around 1912.  This sheet was specially chosen for us from the collection due to the title.

My grandmother also generously passed on this little teapot to me.  It originally belonged to a man who trained horses on the Murray River property where she grew up.  This man taught my grandmother how to ride horses and when he passed away this little teapot was given to her from his possessions.  It dates back to around 1930 and is in perfect condition.  

These chunky stools were given to us by my mother in-law.  She picked them up at a clearing sale knowing they would suit an old table that we have under our verandah.

These interesting old sieves are displayed in our garden.  One was found on our property, the other was picked up in a pile of rubbish at a local racecourse.

Are you from a family of treasure hunters and collectors?

I hope you are having a lovely Sunday. 


  1. It is very special to have some treasures from the older family generation isn't it Jane? I think they mean so much more than new things. I have a few pieces too...

  2. I'm from a family of hoarders I think - tho my brother does have the most epic collection of books I've ever seen (I wouldn't call that hoarding as well, books are books). I collect a few odds & ends but don't have any family treasures that I can think of. I love that sheet music & the little teapot.

  3. I love treasures like those, Jane. The sheet music is absolutely beautiful.... so is the teapot. Things have so much meaning when you can tell the story about their source. Happy Sunday ; )

  4. Very special Jane. We tend to throw away so much these days. I just hope what I have saved will be special for someone one day in the future.

  5. ooooh you can do some fossicking!

  6. OMG! Yes Jane we are all collectors of "treasures" in this house!
    (you should see our sheds!)
    I love your stools, sieves and the story of your grandmother's teapot x

  7. Hi Jane
    I would like to pass onto you the Liebster Award
    Love your blog

  8. What wonderful treasures. Possessions are so much better when they have a history and a use.

  9. Such treasure, Jane! The sheet music and the teapot are wonderful items - so much history in both of them.

  10. it sounds as if you have a lot of knowledge about your family's history and how various items like the teapot link to the past..that's the part i find amazing and interesting's one thing to have an object passed down but it's an altogether different thing to actually know it's real provenance..x

  11. My mum and I always had declutter days growing up, so we're not naturally collectors. But the things we have kept are precious and evoke a lot of memories. There's a couple of things in my grandparents' house that I'd like to inherit because of how it would make me remember them and the garden and house fondly. I LOVE the stools!

  12. what beautiful little treasures Jane, I agree with Hazel things have so much more meaning to you when you can trace there provenance!!!

  13. Hi Jane,

    I loved this post - we are big collectors in this house too. I love living with bits and pieces that have stories! And by the way, I LOVE your blog!


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