Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sunny Friday

Yesterday I had a quiet day at home with my little man, George.  Between school, farm and family commitments these days are becoming increasingly rare.

After an early morning rush of cleaning and washing we enjoyed the sunshine and the peace and quiet.

We had a few creative moments in the garden displaying some collected treasure.

We enjoyed hearty home made pumpkin soup for lunch.

George had an afternoon sleep which doesn’t happen very often these days.

We shared a little pot of tea with plenty of extra cold water added for George.

We made pizza for dinner.

I notice a difference in George without his beautiful big sister.  He gets a chance to speak for himself and make up his own little games.

Do you ever get a chance to spend time alone with your children, without their brothers or sisters?  
Do you notice a difference in them?

Happy Saturday friends.


  1. It rarely happens that I get the pleasure of just one child's company and I find they are a little lost without the other now Jane!
    Yesterday was a beautiful day. I love the treasure collections!

  2. what a special day you and your son had..even though my children are grown up and they've left home i still see them regularly for a fortnightly dinner..i find though that it's the one on one time that i get to really connect with them as individuals and when they tell me things that are never discussed when we are all together..

    1. Your fortnightly dinner must be lovely Jane...I hope we can do the same when our children are grown up.

  3. What a happy day. It's good to spend time with one child; as you say, it gives them a chance to be themselves with no competition. And no squabbling. Mind you, I'm still uneasy when travelling alone in the car with my mother as that's always the time she chooses to "have words". No escape you see.

    1. The comments about your mother make me laugh Anne...I know what you mean.

  4. Good morning Jane, such a lovely post. It makes me miss having little children around! Have a happy weekend xox

  5. What a wonderful and simple day. I love the dangling mason jars with all of the treasures!

  6. I remember really liking the time I had alone in the car with my dad actually. It was a time when we understood each other without talking... I used to miss the bus from school on purpose so he would come and pick me up and take me back to work with him. We'd just sit together and work or sometimes be silly. Precious times. I'm sure your'e little Georgie will think back on them fondly too.

  7. beautiful post... alone time with my youngest boy before school next year is disappearing fast. lingering in the moments with them is hard when there's so much to do, but it's always rewarding. they have a unique view of the world! x

  8. absolutely - it's so rewarding even spending 10 undivided minutes with just one!


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