Sunday, May 13, 2012

Old teapots and treasure

I recently sent a group email to some of my aunties, friends and my mother in-law asking if anyone had any ‘one serve’ teapots stashed in their cupboards.  I needed them to serve tea at a recent market stall I held.

This fairly simple request opened up some wonderful conversations, brought back a few memories and even involved one of my aunties hitting the op-shop trail in QLD.

My mother in-law arrived with a whole box of pots that had belonged to each of my husband’s grandmothers.  One still had a beautiful hand made tea cosy sitting on it.  My op-shopping aunty sent me a bag of interesting little pots and milk jugs after having some fun with her friends while she searched for my treasure.

I also bought a handful of little teapots at a local op-shop for an absolute bargain.  This sort of shopping is truly fun and rewarding.

The pots with sentimental value did not make it to the market but the less sentimental pots and jugs were used to serve tea.  I look forward to taking them on further market adventures and can’t help but admire my new collection.

What struck me most about this little exercise was not so much the actual teapots but the fun, conversations and good energy it created.  It made me want to give these special ladies another ‘mission’ just to see what else we can find.

What could we go hunting for next?

Happy Mother’s Day, I hope someone makes you a pot of tea or a coffee today.

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  1. What a lovely collection, nothing like a pot of tea and a chat. I am a sucker for a sweet tea cozy.

  2. Jane it was a pleasure and has opened my eyes to the wonderful world of OP Shopping!!! ( recent trip to Mildura resulted in 15 mugs for the HALL..... better than styro mugs and what a bargain! ) your stall looked amazing at the Market.. you should feel proud. x

  3. i marvelled at all your teapots in your market post and i wondered how you had so i know the lovely story behind their acquisition..

  4. I love a great story behind the find :) The teapot with the cozy is absolutely charming and my favorite! I will have to be on the lookout for that. Thanks so much for sharing :)

  5. Such varied and lovely tea pots - very evocative of happy moments shared around a table. Even just seeing that tea-cosy sparked off a memory for me of sitting at my grandmothers house having tea and pineapple cake. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful response from your request! Perhaps tea cups or antique souvenir spoons could be on the next hunt:)

  6. What a lovely story of collecting and connecting!

    rachel xo

  7. Jane, my favourites are the gorgeous embossed ones in the top photo! So much history in all of them! :)


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