Sunday, May 20, 2012

Autumn in the vegetable garden

The weather is beautiful at our place at the moment.  The evenings and mornings are cool but most afternoons have been perfectly sunny.  This is great for soul as well as for the vegetable garden.

I have fruit on my young L’Inconnue pear tree.  This is an old French heirloom variety, a late harvesting winter pear.  After nurturing this tree for almost a year I am very excited to see this tiny fruit appear.

These little figs are steadily growing on my young Prestons Prolific fig tree.  My trusty Digger’s Club catalogue informs me that the crop at this time of year is known as the ‘breba’ crop.

Baby beetroot leaves looking so pretty.

Beautiful rhubarb stems just waiting for a piping hot winter crumble.

My garlic crop is looking fairly healthy so far.  I am eagerly anticipating the harvest later in the year.

Romanesco broccoli which I planted early (rather impatiently!) but it seems to be happy and healthy. 

A tangle of basil and capsicums at the front of the photo, holding on bravely as the weather cools off.

Snow peas in the afternoon sunshine.

Crunchy carrots and beans.

What is happening in your garden at the moment?
Are you harvesting, planting, planning or cooking with your produce?

Have a lovely Sunday friends.


  1. you have so much going on in your vegetable garden..does your rhubarb go red? i replaced one that remained green and the new one is the's tastes the same as the red one but it's just not as appetising..

  2. I have never found a 'bought' rhubarb that stays red. I have inherited some crowns from my Grandmother's garden though and they are wonderful, bright red stalks and small leaves...yummo :-)

    We are building a permaculture style chook dome for our garden this weekend. Our ladies need a bigger, brighter home and we need a bigger plot. Can't wait until it is ready!

  3. My garden is just barely starting but I see little radishes and carrots coming up. Your fruit trees are amazing- I'm very jealous :)

  4. Love your garden updates, Jane. Awesome that you still have figs coming on. The frost got to both mine in the half wine barrels. I hope they come back ok. My garlic, celery, caulis, broccolini and carrots are coming along. Have a happy Sunday lovely Jane. Must get back to my walnut cake xox

  5. Beautifully tended beds, Jane! Everything looks so lovely and healthy! :)

  6. We have tried the first couple of navel oranges from our tree today Jane. Beautiful and with a few more cold nights and sunny days they should be magnificant. Happy Sunday

  7. Wow, I have garden envy. We ate some radishes from my Balcony Garden today...the first things we've picked after I planted a bunch of different seeds a few months ago.

  8. I commented to Xanthe today that she comes to me for strawberries and I go to her for figs although I have to be quick to beat her. Still some figs coming on but I think the strawbs have slowed down! Your veg. looks amazing. The white butterflies are into my broccoli.

  9. Thank you all for calling in...lovely to share some thoughts on vegetable gardening!

  10. I'm so inspired to start our urban garden growing after seeing this post Jane! Oh to have figs and rhubarb at your fingertips... At the moment all we have going is a massive rosemary bush - still, great for roasting with veggies

  11. Such an amazing veggie garden, well done! We're hoping to put our raised beds in soon to get a garden happening. At the moment we just have iceberg lettuce growing in pots and a herb garden.

    Still, baby steps. Nice to discover your blog.

  12. my basil is still hanging in there, and my tomatoes too.

    so much goodness in your garden!

    rachel xo

  13. My vegie patch is very sad compared to your lush one! Despite hubby and the kids building a scarecrow for me, birds keep nibbling on my seedlings! Arghh! I do have some lovely rockmelons and Myer lemons ready. And my herb garden is always happy.
    Beautiful photos Jane!

  14. Your vegie garden is looking so healthy and lush. Gosh all those rhubarb stalks.

  15. Jane. I know this was many years ago...But I wanted an update on your pear L’Inconnue tree! I bought one only today but later realised that it may need a cross pollinator. Do you have other pear trees in your garden or is the L’Inconnue fruiting fine without other pollinators?


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