Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter camp oven cooking

Over Easter we camped on the shores of a beautiful lake and spent our days fishing, boating, canoeing, yabbying and losing track of time with my family.  

Our camp ovens were packed carefully and I was determined to make bread using a well practised recipe from the Bourke Street Bakery cookbook.  I like the way cooking outdoors away from the comforts of the kitchen requires you to improvise and simplify  things.  This loaf was a perfect example of basic ingredients put together with simple equipment and baked over red hot coals in the camp oven.  No temperature controls on the open fire!

We devoured this rustic loaf with a piece of blue cheese and a jar of home made Ploughman's pickles. 

In the evening we cooked a piece of home raised lamb in the camp ovens...a memorable family meal enjoyed by the fireside.  I only managed to get decent photos of the vegetables, the heat haze and shimmer from the fire provided tricky conditions for this photographer!

Camping brings the most important things in life into perspective. 

Is there something you do with your family to gets things back into perspective?


  1. what an idyllic holiday..i just love your photos so much and i can imagine how much fun you all was something i always wanted to do with my children but for various reasons it never outdoors like you did is an absolute treat..x

  2. I keep telling my other half we need a camp oven, and since seeing that wonderful loaf of bread I am more convinced than ever that it is what I want/need!

  3. your camp food looks delicious, especially the bread. The Bourke Street Bakery book is very good isn't it?

  4. Sigh...were you at Menindee, or somewhere else? Looks like such an ideal weekend, so far from our hectic Sydney life. Great photos - you really capture the outback life.

  5. Thank you all for calling in! Mel...we were at a privately owned lake in the Menindee lake 'system' but far from the Easter crowds at Menindee itself which was perfect :)

  6. That looks utterly divine!
    We have a dream of setting up a campsite here on the farm that we can go to - without worrying about Nic having to get back to milk the cows etc.. There's something magical about "UNPLUGGING." At the moment we go to the beach. Even if it's for only a 1/2 hour. It seems to re-set clocks for everyone.

    1. The campsite is a great idea Amy. Although we don't camp on our property we do cook with camp ovens most weekends throughout the winter, a good way of bringing the family together over food and keeping warm :)

  7. Amazing bread - as always. And your camping spot and roast dinners look divine. Glad you enjoyed some relax time with your loved ones over Easter.

  8. Great pictures - thanks for sharing.
    David, Kingsthorpe (camp oven cook)

  9. New to your blog so I'm catching up here but I am in love with your camp fire bread! We camp all the time and I have never seen this done- definate goal for this summer, very inspired!


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