Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In My Kitchen March 2012

Welcome to a little tour of what is in my kitchen this month…

After huge rain fell on our property recently we spent a week cut off from the world by mud and with very limited phone and internet access we were on our own island, virtually.  Of course, the only thing to do was to cook!   Amongst other things, I baked these rosemary and olive flatbreads from a recipe in the Bourke Street Bakery cookbook.  It was quick, easy and filled the house with that unmistakable smell of good things.

This tasty little rack of chops came from an 8 month old Merino x White Suffolk lamb.  The lamb in question was born and raised on our property and slaughtered by my husband, Terry.  It is reassuring to eat meat when you know exactly what the animal has eaten and how it has been handled from birth right through to slaughtering.  Terry is not a qualified butcher but his years of experience in home butchering means we always enjoy the best cuts of lamb and beef as well as home made sausages.  Perhaps making sausages might be another whole blog post one day!

My mother in law recently gave us a big box of plums from her prolific trees.  I simmered them slowly with a cinnamon stick and a split vanilla bean until they were very soft. They tasted incredibly sweet with a jam like consistency, although I did not add any sugar.  Perfect with muesli and natural yoghurt for breakfast!

Thanks again to my mother in law’s peach tree I baked this upside-down peach cake.  I used this recipe which Kate shared through her lovely blog Foxs Lane.  I breathed a sigh of relief when it came out of the cake tin relatively neatly!  The brown sugar on top caramelised slightly and served warm with cream it was a delight. 

What is looking good in your kitchen this month?

Join in the fun, go to Celia’s blog Fig Jam and Lime Cordial and look at what other people have in their kitchens around the world. 

I had some technical assistance with my photos for this post from Miss Piggy.  Please call in to her blog for plenty of food adventures and beautiful photos.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful post, Jane! Thanks for playing! Your flatbread looks superb, and it must be wonderful to eat your homegrown meat. All your photos look gorgeous, but that one of the rack of lamb could go straight into a fancy food mag. And I'd love to read about sausage making - it's one thing we've always talked about but never attempted.

    We've had wonderful stonefruit this year, haven't we? Such a relief after the poor season last year! Hope the recent rains aren't causing you too many problems!

  2. I agree, Celia. Jane, such a beautiful and delicious post! The bread looks artisan baked, well done. I would love to come for dinner at your place sometime ; )

  3. jane, you have what some of us city folk aspire to in that most of your produce is home grown/ must be so good to know that your children are eating such quality your photos too..

  4. Your post and pictures are wonderful! I am so glad you joined in IMK, Jane!
    I love your emphasis on the food that comes into and out of your kitchen- and of course, the fact that it is produced by your family is what makes it so very special! Thanks so much for the tour and presenting the reality of sustainable and home produced and prepared foods!

  5. Ohmygoodness, how amazing does your upside down cake look.
    YUM!!! I can practically smell it from here.
    Have a wonderful weekend. x

  6. Thank you all for calling in and for your beautiful comments! Happy Friday to you all x

  7. What beautiful photos! You sound like you have everything sorted, bread, cakes, fine home raised meat. Wonderful :)

  8. Yummmm, those plums would be wonderful on my museli! And your own lamb, I'm envious Jane ... great photo's


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