Sunday, January 29, 2012

A beautiful, dusty old piano

We are lucky enough to have recently inherited an old piano.  Nobody in our household can play or read music but I am hoping this will change.  Armed with some basic books from the library I have found Middle C, reading music may take a little longer to master!

Already there is something comforting about having a piano in the house.


  1. The arrangement of the photos, colour choice of the chair and warmth of the timber is a lovely scene. I hope Middle C gets the hang of reading music!

  2. very cool. enjoy playing with that beautiful gift!

  3. Well done Jane.It's all downhill from middle C. We love having one too...not a proper home without a piano, even if it is one more thing to dust. I often find I get side tracked reliving old memories with a SING book from SOTA instead of the dusting!!!

  4. Lovely photos. What a great addition to your home. x

  5. Thanks Kate and Zara! Kate, the Barts were mentioned just last night as people we know with piano knowledge!

  6. Annabelle told me about your piano on Saturday and I meant to ask you about it but now I have seen it! I hope you have fun bringing a bit of music to your home.
    The little ones love Grandpa playing their favourite Playschool songs here. It is great entertainment.


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