Saturday, November 5, 2011

The famous CWA scone

This morning with the lure of a famous CWA scone with jam and cream for morning tea the kids and I headed off to Menindee for the official opening of the new CWA hall. 

The community was shocked back in 2009 when the CWA burnt down but with the help of hard working volunteers the old hall has been replaced with a new, shiny building.  The new hall provided welcome relief from the hot sun as we enjoyed a delicious scone, took some food photos and chatted to friends and family.

I couldn’t leave without a jar of golden Passionfruit Butter made by one of the talented CWA members.  May the hard working ladies of the CWA continue to thrive in communities such as Menindee.


  1. Beautiful work Ms Jane! xxx Polly

  2. yay....welcome to blogger! Must say I love a good scone as well as passionfruit's a bit hard to come by those CWA scones in the Big Smoke though :(

    1. MissPiggy the beautiful CWA scones are served by the CWA ladies every year at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney. The devonshire teas served by the hard working ladies are delicious.

  3. Hi Jane!!
    Found your blog through Sophie's blog Her Library Adventures.
    Great photo's, just reading passionfruit butter made me salivate as only thinking of tart and tangy things do.
    Look forward to reading more.
    Fine & Sunny

  4. Wow Jane your blog looks great! Found you through Jodes..Look forward to reading about your food adventures!!

  5. The Passionfruit Butter and all the other preserve goodies there look amazing - and what could beat a humble CWA scone - this is my kind of post. It's nice to meet you and where better than at a CWA venue. Mariana.


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