The Shady Baker

Friday, May 15, 2015


A lot of stuff has been happening lately.  Schooling, part time solo parenting and farm stuff.  At times I have started to drown in the mess and chaos.  Then I remember that I have all of this.

Quinces.  I have buckets of them.

Tea and the first rays of sunlight in my kitchen.

When I started to chop back my asparagus ferns, this is what I found.  Green gold in my opinion. 

No less than eight working dogs loaded into the back of the ute, bristling with enthusiasm for the day of sheep work ahead. 

Our backyard stretches on forever, almost.

Distance education does not always look like this.  Mostly it is a frantic tangle of paper, books and audio files.  Every now and then we take it outside and it looks like this. 

Pip always hits the nail on the head.  If you haven’t read this post on slowing down, you should.  It changed the colour of my week. 

I have a couple of little projects in the pipeline with some clever and creative blogging friends.  Stay tuned on that one.  Bloggers are so generous with their time and enthusiasm, it continues to amaze me.

We are about to become the proud owners of a pair of ducks.  The kids are so enthusiastic that they have named them, before we have even taken delivery.  

I hope you are noticing the small things and the big things.

Any little projects happening at your place? 

Happy Friday, friends x

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