Sunday, January 22, 2017

A strategy for summer

With the school routine and Christmas celebrations a distant memory it is amazing how quickly we have fallen into another whole rhythm.  Farm work continues as usual while on the home front our days are dictated by the weather or more specifically the heat.

Our mornings start early, checking tanks and sheep and squeezing in the odd horse ride.  It really is the best time of the day and I can’t imagine sleeping when scenes like these are unfolding around me.

By mid-morning I am in the vegetable garden harvesting, watering and occasionally day dreaming about seeds and plans and future crops.  In these moments I often think of my vegetable gardening friend Jodie who with her family, is about to embark on a big move and change in her life.  Good luck Jodie x 

By the afternoon we have the air-conditioner cranked up and we settle in for some quieter time: playing, reading, covering the kitchen table with Lego and craft, calming frayed tempers, listening to the ABC, preparing simple dinners and tidying up Lego and craft.  

In the evening there are animals to check again and jobs to finish off.  Then the swimming dam usually calls us where we find some cool and calm in the shade and water.  Is there anything happier or more joyous than a wet dog shaking every single part of his body on a hot afternoon? 

This swimming time is a sanity saver and it is even better when we take dinner with us.  Two birds with one stone and then we head home for an early night.

Does summer require a strategic approach at your place?

I know at least one of my friends has been experiencing snow recently which I find quite unimaginable. 

Have you switched to iced coffee or tea?  I have.

Happy Sunday, friends.