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Friday, October 2, 2015

In My Kitchen, October 2015

Spring has certainly sprung and I am enjoyed the change in light and colour around our house and garden.  

Celery and asparagus in the freshest shades of green and purple. 

Soft brown light on carefully cleaned beer bottles.  These are lined up and ready for another highly anticipated tomato crop to be followed by a passata making session, all going to plan.  I hope I am not getting too far ahead of myself.  

Tiny flowers from the garden including thyme, coriander, kale, quince, broccoli, sage and borage.   

Monte Carlo biscuits sandwiched together with bright raspberry jam.  

This pure green crop of stinging nettles has voluntarily popped up in my vegetable garden thanks to the sheep manure I have applied generously over the years.  I think I almost have enough to make Rohan's nettle pesto or Michelle's nettle risotto.

Shades of purple and yellow in freshly picked silverbeet.  

There are more subtle tones of grey in a little bunch of saltbush picked from the paddock. When flowers are in short supply I love putting together bunches of foliage.  

Are you noticing a change in light and colour at your place?

Happy Friday friends! x

As usual I am linking up with cooking and creating extraordinaire Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.  
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