Sunday, August 28, 2016

A road trip and some realisations

Life can be full of glittering expectations.  Expectations of our home, family, children, career, holidays and so the list could continue forever.  Of course in reality these expectations are not always met.  Setting out on a road trip recently I was filled with hopes of new and exciting shopping and dining experiences paired with cosy accommodation and perfectly behaved children. 

While this trip was a lovely chunk of important family time which I am very grateful for, it also made me realise that the things that make my heart sing are actually right in front of me at home. 

A paddock full of winter wildflowers, almost too vast to capture with a camera. 

A cup of tea made with water from our tank and homemade biscuits.

Coriander flowers taking over my garden, too pretty to pull out and clean up, just yet. 

There is always bread, so grounding and dependable.  

Discoveries  in second hand shops actually fill me with more joy than purchases from new shops.  On this trip most of the new shops I visited felt cold, noisy and full of mass produced emptiness.  The exceptions to this are my friends at Fine and Sunny and another gorgeous shop, new to me, Hip Digs.

It made me realise that less is more, that our local outback town has almost everything I need including sublime coffee and that there truly is no place like home.  Of course, I knew this already, travelling just reminded me.  

I hope you have plenty of things to be grateful for this Sunday x

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