Friday, October 7, 2016

Projects, schemes and momentum

Isn’t it funny how projects and schemes come along?  Years ago I started this blog and I took a few photos, cooked some bread, grew some vegetables and in between all of that I continued to be a mum, wife and distance education supervisor.  Not too much has changed except our farming business has expanded and our children are growing at a rapid rate.

It has always been my grand plan to fully embrace cooking and workshops on a small commercial basis once our children were older.  When that time will actually come, who knows?

As time has rolled on other little projects have slowly appeared.  Suddenly I find myself trying to source panettone and baking gingerbread walls and roofs in October for a Christmas photo shoot

Recently Ellie, from The Darling Design Co helped me to overhaul my blog.  In the meantime Ellie has been creating a blog and publication of her own, featuring real people and real stories from the far west region of NSW.  Ellie kindly invited me to write a blog post for Far West Living and I have included some of my favourite places in our region.

Sometimes I help out with some  styling, photos and social media bits and pieces for our school cook book which is fun, gives me more photography practice and supports our school fundraising in a very small way.

I still bake bread and take photos and take care of my family but I jump at all of these extra opportunities.  As a mum living on a sheep station I don’t have a career of my own, as such.  I am perfectly happy with this arrangement.  But, a little independence is healthy for all of us. 

It is motivating to connect with other young women who have a passion for life on the land and it is a pleasure to contribute to their ventures.

Some days I question where all of this is leading me on a personal level, but I do know that whenever I say yes to projects, momentum is created.  You just never know what might be around the corner.

The photo of my husband with our horses has nothing to do with my personal projects, but it does remind me of why we live where we live: the good bits, the tricky bits and all of the bits in between.

Do you have any projects on the horizon?

Are you searching the internet desperately for pre-Christmas panettone? Perhaps that’s just me.

Happy Friday, friends x