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Friday, April 24, 2015

Cattle, horses and fierce competition


We could see the dust rising from the outback arena long before we arrived at the Topar Campdraft on a hot autumn day, earlier this month.  I have written in a previous post about the popularity of horse events in the bush.  People travel from far and wide to participate, usually camping onsite with their horses and making a whole weekend of it.  Hardworking local volunteers dedicate days of their time to run these events and the whole community benefits both socially and financially.  

Days like this tend to be gritty, sweaty and very dusty but no one seems to mind, this simply adds to the atmosphere. The fierce competition between cattle, horses and riders makes for an exciting day out. 

The mature riders were impressive in their focus, confidence and horsemanship.

The younger riders were equally impressive with their talent, courage and horsey camaraderie. 

Our Annabelle participated bravely on her horse in the novelty events for the young riders.

Our children are lucky to have easy access to horses and through this they have some pretty unique opportunities.  Travelling with children and horses does not occur without a fair amount of organisation, effort and commitment but these years are precious and they are flying by.  

Have you attended something unique with your children lately?

It is almost always worth the effort isn't it?

**Campdrafting is a sport involving both cattle and horses.  Naturally, Wikipedia provides a more technical explanation for anyone who is interested. 
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