Sunday, May 28, 2017

Community connections

Originally I was going to write this post about my community but I find my specific community difficult to pin point.  Instead I have been thinking about the small moments of contact that add up to make my life feel meaningful and happy. 

A friend who doesn’t question my craziness when I ask her to help with photo locations, autumn leaves and afternoon light.  She just quietly supports and listens to me ramble on about quinces and life. 

My visits to our local vintage and second-hand shops.  These trips aren’t about filling my car with material things; they are more about observing the social history of our town, chatting with the shop owners and sometimes coming away with a special piece. 

Occasionally we eat meat that we haven’t slaughtered ourselves and when we do it comes from a proper butcher shop.  The sort of shop where the hardworking man who owns the business is behind the counter chopping, cutting and slicing as he subtlety reveals a little of his butchering knowledge to the cooks who visit him. 

Speaking of shops, a new pop up shop in town has completely captured my imagination.  The creative lady behind this venture has put her heart and soul into this previously unused space and her enthusiasm is infectious.  Every empty shop front in every country town needs someone like this! 

Last Sunday a friend and orchardist generously gave us oranges, corn and seed potatoes because he knew they would be put to good use and appreciated.  Really, is there anything better?   

An early morning text message from a friend who had thought of an idea for our upcoming Fire and Flour Day while she was preparing quinces for her cafe.  Thank you Summa for always believing in all the crazy schemes. I love that nothing is ever too difficult for you! 

This week I also hugged and chatted with a neighbour in the sunshine when her mix of work, life and kids all started to spin. 

While my community is rather random, these moments fill me with gratitude. 

Do you have these moments?

I hope this Sunday you are chatting with a friend or swapping some vegetables or baking something that warms your heart. 

Jane x