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Friday, July 3, 2015

In My Kitchen, July 2015

It seems that lately I have either been baking or collecting.  

I mentioned in a previous post that we had been mustering feral goats.  More accurately, the men folk and my mother in law did the mustering while the kids and I mostly waited on the sidelines with the camera and supplies.  While we waited for the goats and the mustering team to descend from the hills and rocks we may have enjoyed cake and tea near a little fire we lit in the creek bed.  Food always seems to taste better in the world’s biggest outdoor kitchen, especially on a frosty morning.   

I can’t really explain why but baking paraphernalia just seems to find me.  This pile of battered bread tins came from the old Wilcannia bakery and apparently there are plenty more of them.  Of course, I will never use all of these but I would just hate to see them end up at the tip.  Can you imagine the floury, baking history in these solid old tins?  

A chocolate and walnut slice, recipe from the 2015 Red Tractor Designs calendar.  Packed with nuts, cocoa and rolled oats this slice proved to be robust enough to be packed up and sent to the paddock for cold and hungry workers. 

A bundle of old spoons, rescued from the shearer’s kitchen to be replaced with something more modern and hygienic.  These bits and pieces are destined for a peaceful, fulfilling retirement in my props collection.

Quince curd tarts, take two.  This batch turned out to be a much rosier colour than my previous attempt

Zara was a blogging friend and now, happily, she is a real friend who I meet for coffee and stuff.  Sometime ago she generously gave me this little collection including a piece of weighty pottery she made with her own hands.  Thank you Zara, you have a knack of finding the good stuff .

In other news I have finally joined Instagram.  I am still not sure my life is interesting enough to sustain my blog and Instagram but time will tell I suppose!

As always I am linking up with my friend Celia from Fig Jam and Lime Cordial

Happy Friday, friends. 

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