The Shady Baker

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

At this time of the year...

A lot of emu feathers flapping on our fences.  These crazy creatures race up and down with no particular place to go, it seems.

Our olive crop.  This year we enlisted the help of some friends and bribed them with lamb shanks for dinner and the promise of fresh olive oil.

The ruins of an old homestead on our property.  Time and weather slowly uncover previously unseen bits and pieces including this fragile wool bale stencil and parts of an old enamel jug or teapot.   Thinking about the conditions that previous farming generations faced is truly humbling as we spin around in our modern four wheel drive vehicles.

Muesli, quinces, chocolate chip biscuits and thin sourdough leftovers baked in the oven.

Homemade pesto gifted to me by my friend Zara.  I know I have said it before but there is just something so special about homemade gifts. 

Shed by Simon Griffiths, this book makes me want my own ramshackle shed made of rusty corrugated iron, with space to tinker in peace and perhaps an old stove in one corner.  Or an old timber boat just sitting there waiting for an adventure.  Just like Shack this book provides a perfect mini escape.  

Flow magazine is new to me and is full of soft, papery goodness if you are that way inclined, which I am.  

Also, Graziher magazine where a few of my photos and words make an appearance in the autumn issue.  

What is happening at your place at this time of the year?

Are you baking or harvesting or reading?  

I hope your midweek is feeling sunny and gentle x

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